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Teachable Clothing®

Teachable Clothing®™© is an early educational tool in the form of an apparel line with a purpose. This method of teaching utilizes your child's seeing, hearing, and kinesthetic skills. Research has proven that children learn best through play. This tactile teaching method involves parents and children carrying out physical activities. With divers, enthusiastic playing with a complete set of alphabets, ten numbers in ten sequential colors throughout the letters and numbers to teach them their intellectual genius, and colors including four geometric shapes. All materials come inside our exclusively designed Teaching Tool Bag®. It also includes our Phonics Game Book© in paperback, animated, and audiobook for special needs children. This book features real-life images relating to everyday in-home environment items foods, stuffed animals, and other things for a more stimulating efficient visual awareness learning. The forenamed book has age-appropriate suggested game playing from license professional early educators that hold masters and doctoral degrees. This apparel line is the first educational tool to encourage your child's love for learning and sets them on the path to literacy. It's all at your convenience on this site.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
- Nelson Mandela