Teachable Clothing® is a twenty-first-century innovated Early Educational Tool is designed to take fashion into a whole new arena an establish taking the first steps to creating a community with parents and early education professionals and teachers. These professionals hold masters and doctorate degrees and have a breadth of knowledge regarding early childhood education, child development, and psychology. Developing a Collaborative online month Podcast, where a family can sharing techniques and methods that work with his or her child. This consecrated family effort of improving the lives of our children, Please have a look at our video to see some of the Teachable Clothing garments.® Our clothing comes with a paperback phonics book in an animated format online Phonics Game Book© the next link on this site.

"When we lift up one child, we all rise."

Check back our garments will be on-line Soon! Don't wait another moment to jump-start your child's education keep coming back.