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Phonics Game Book©

Licensed educators with knowledge of this unique patented, trademarked, copyrighted with a paperback format book with a clothing line? Yes, this unique first adventure into learning using his or her seeing and hearing and their kinesthetic skills. Phonics Game Book© inside our Teaching Tool Bag. These professionals consultants hold master's and doctoral degrees and have a breadth of knowledge regarding early childhood education, childhood development, and psychology agree that we are on to something with our new teaching tools bags. What's unique and cutting-edge about Teachable Clothing® It'’'s hand on tactile learning to assist parents, older siblings, grandparents, baby-sitter, and au pair, to work together to transform teaching into everyday fun, activities learning hands-on with alphabets, numbers, in ten colors to teach your child their colors, and geometric shapes, character, and environmental awareness, including some healthy eating suggestions and diversity. It is all in our bags to be used with this animated version below. Introduce your child to this tactile method of teaching with techniques inside our book. You are your child's first teacher!

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