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In 2012, I had an epiphany. The lyrics from a song from my past invaded my consciousness out of nowhere. That song was the J5 "ABC" song at that moment. It solidified the reason for Michael Jackson and my meeting when he was 12 or 13 years old. MJ admired a necklace I'd made and was wearing and inquired "where did you get that?" pointing to my necklace I replied I made it, MJ responded, "I want one!" A song inspired design Teachable Clothing®™. A culmination of my past experiences and love for fashion and design. In the field that I'd worked in for some decades, the music industry. I was privileged to work with some of the most significant recording artists of my generation. As a stylist for Donna Summer, I designed and make her blue suede dress for her "Love Is In Control" album cover, Jennifer Holliday, Bob Dylan, Lionel Richie, and Prince. As a visual communication designer for Diane Warren, Berry Gordy, Michael Jackson, I designed the forenamed artist's Billboard magazine ads. I also like to refer to Teachable Clothing®™ as an innovative, altruistic action that bettering our world and the leaders of tomorrow and our future. A new generation of influencers, movers, and shakers our children and reclaim America number one position in education once again.

"When we lift up one child, we all rise!"
- Nellie Prestwood

Teachable Clothing®™© is an early educational tool in the form of apparel with a purpose. Our garments are designed to teach toddlers to preschoolers the fundamentals of learning. This method of teaching combines your child's hearing, seeing, and kinesthetic skills. Kids learn by carrying out physical activities. It's called tactile learning when parents and children engage in divers, enthusiastic playing with a complete set of alphabets, ten numbers in ten sequential colors throughout the letters and numbers to teach him or her their colors, with four geometric shapes. All materials come inside our exclusively designed Teaching Tool Bag®™; it also includes our Phonics Game Book© in multiple formats audiobook, print, or digitally on our site for a more efficient visual awareness learning. The animated version of the forenamed book is on our site with age-appropriate with suggested game playing from license professional early educators that hold masters and doctoral degrees. What makes us unique in the field of early education has a researched proven method that children learn best through playing. We have bridged the gap between the two worlds of fashion and education that meets the needs of our society at this time. Imagine a one-stop education tool and a fashion place. Our t-shirts, jeans, and overalls are accompanied by all of the above items with each of our garments.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
- Nelson Mandela

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