Teachable Clothing® is an inspired design from an epiphany I had in 2012 when a J5 song invaded my consciousness it came to me out of nowhere. A “God Thing” is what I call it. I recalled my first meeting with Michael Jackson. MJ was maybe 12 or 13 years old. The J5 was on tour in Chicago at the Delaware Tower Hotel North Michigan Avenue. MJ was in the room of Weldon McDougal a Motown Records promotion man, whom I was also meeting for the first time. When I entered Weldon’s room, Michael was also in the room. MJ pointed to a necklace I’d made and was wearing and inquired “where did you get that” I replied I made it MJ responded “I want one.” Michael and my path would cross four more times in his and my many careers decades down the road. My position at Casablanca Records as publicist open the door for our second encounter. Working as Donna Summer personal assistant “She Works Hard For The Money” which Quincy Jones produced MJ hung out with us in the studio. After my Donna Summer days I returned to school while at UCLA I decided to reconnect with the music industry. MJJ Production my first stop with just a class work portfolio an landed my first printed and published illustration of Michael Jackson and Sammy Davis Jr. ad a double truck center of The Daily Variety magazine ad. While at UCLA I became MJ visual communications designer Billboard magazine was my next stop ads for Berry Gordy, Michael Jackson, Diane Warren added Billboard to my portfolio.

My love for fashion started at Mrs. G's neighborhood designer dress shop, where I also worked there with my sister Delores aka Lobo after school. It was at the Greenberg store I was exposed to the fashion industry it was there that I got to explore a whole new world. I acquired the skills of styling and accessorizing as a window trimmer. My next stop was the music industry holding positions as a fashion stylist, visual communications designer, and publicist at various labels: ABC Records, Casablanca Records, Solar Records, Motown Records, and Atlantic Records. During my time in the music industry, my positions with the following recording artists are some of the most significant artists of my generation. Berry Gordy, Bob Dylan, Diane Warren, Donna Summer, George Clinton aka Parliament Funkadelic, Hugh Masekela, Jennifer Holiday, Larry Blackmon aka Cameo, Lenny Williams, Lionel Richie with Bill Whitten, Michael Jackson, Neil Diamond, Philip Bailey aka Earth Wind & Fire, The PIPs aka Gladys Knight, and Prince.

Teachable Clothing® Our Mission Statement and goal is to make this world a better place with this innovated 21st century Early Educational Tool in the form of apparel. Early Education has a well-documented an proven records of its success in the lives of every child that its power to empower every child the upcoming future leaders of our tomorrow. It works thank you for coming to our site keep coming back!

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