I would like to introduce you to TEACHABLE CLOTHING®, a remarkable stimulating fun early-education tool in the form of apparel that allows you to jumpstart your toddler to preschooler's early education. With physical alphabets, numbers in the set of 10 colors teach kids in a fun and easy way to enjoy the adventure of learning with this tactile teaching method hands-on. You are your child's first teacher and talking, talking, talking, and repetition works. As we know from all of the vast educational research on early education, is the best interactive method a mother or father has to teach her/his child. Through the pure art of verbal communication, a parent, grandparent or caregiver can convey the joy of learning. Utilizing your child's auditory, visual, and kinesthetic skills. From morning until bedtime, you'll be able to have a stimulating, fun day of interaction with your child by using this innovative, tactile method of teaching WHILE THEY ARE GETTING DRESSED OR UNDRESSED.