About Us

In 2012, I had an epiphany; a “God Thing” is what I call it. I thought of a unique early educational tool to teach toddlers to preschoolers their alphabets, numbers, colors and geometric shapes using their very own clothing. Teachable Clothing, is a culmination of my past experiences and love for fashion. I found that creating this learning avenue for children would be my destiny, I also like to refer to it as an innovative, altruistic action that serves a purpose of bettering the leaders of our future: children.

I began my career as a fashion stylist in Chicago at Mrs. G’s Dress Shop, the Greenberg neighborhood store. Soon I would work for HMH Publishing and later enter the music industry holding titles as fashion stylist, visual communications designer and publicist at various labels: ABC Records, Casablanca Records, Solar Records and Motown Records. During my time in the music industry, I was able hone my professional skills while working with some of the greatest artists of my generation, such as Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Berry Gordy, Jennifer Holliday, Diane Warren, Donna Summer, Prince, George Clinton of the Parliament Funkadelic, Lionel Richie, Larry Blackmon of Cameo, Neil Diamond and more.

Some of my proudest moments were acquiring and styling the covers of JET, EBONY and Rollingstone for Donna Summer, in addition to securing media coverage preceding her tours. MJJ Productions hired me to design the exhibit for Michael Jackson’s 1993 induction into The Guinness Book of World Records Museum for being the “King of Pop” and having the best-selling album of all time, “Thriller.”

Throughout my career, I had multiple encounters with MJ, but the one that stood out the most was having the thought of the Jackson 5 “ABC” song, which sparked “the epiphany”, leading to the creation of Teachable Clothing.