Welcome to Teachable Clothing!
"Imagine a world where there is no more illiteracy"

I would like to introduce you to Teachable Clothing—an early-education tool that happens to be clothing allows you to start your toddler-to-preschooler day with the basic of teaching is talking the best interactive game a mother has to teach their child. You are your child first teacher the key element of teaching is through the simple art of verbal communication talking by parent, grandparents and caregivers. Remember, repetition works. From morning until bedtime, you'll be able to have a stimulating, fun day of interacting with your child with this innovative "think out of the box" 21st-Century method of teaching your child their alphabets, numbers, colors, geometric shapes and our future product lines are on the horizon.

Teachable Clothing offers comfortable and CPSC-tested, play-day clothing: denim, overalls, jeans, t-shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, hoodies, caps and sleepwear. The premier clothing will come with everything needed for a parent to teach their child, including attachable alphabets, numbers and geometric shapes that are visually and physically accessible to children, in addition to an accompanying game book, which acts as a teaching guide for parents.

Licensed Educational Consultants have researched the effectiveness of this patented clothing line. These professionals hold masters and doctorate degrees and have a breadth of knowledge regarding early childhood education, child development and psychology.

There’s no other clothing line in the marketplace like us, with the goal and purpose to turn early education into a fashion tool, elevating learning into a new stratosphere. Children today love to participate in everything, including what they wear. Why not join with Teachable Clothing in this collaborative endeavor in the education of your child? Our goal is to help you to advance your child’s learning abilities and regain America’s number one position in education.

Working together to make this world a better place with Teachable Clothing will implement two 501(c) 3 programs to help us help the children of low-income families and the disenfranchised in our communities. First is “Pass It On” our recycling program. Our second program, “Buy One Give One,” will allow those of us who can afford to buy an additional gift of clothing to donate it to the children of our fallen soldiers—our real heroes.